Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sorry it has been awhile since update...Dalton is doing so great. Since we were released he has gained 5lbs which puts him at 12lbs! He has learned how to roll and is starting to crawl. He has such a personality, and spends alot of time snuggling with grandma. November was kinda rough...he got a virus and we ended up back at the hospital. A week after we were realeased for that he came down with RSV (even with the vaccination). He did really well though and only spent two more days in the hospital. I dont take him in public and thier are not any kids in my family so I think he got the RSV when he was at the hospital the first time. ECI comes to the house and they think he may be behind in his developmental goals. I have to make an appointment with a nuerologist to follow up with the one he had at discharge. He does alot of the things that the therapist is concerned about when she is not there, so I am not worried that there is a problem. He just dont like I am excited about his first Christmas and have spent too much money allready. I am back online and will try to stay updated more often. Hope you have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! GOD BLESS!!