Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dalton was diagnosed with Diplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy on Sept. 17th. Despite the news, he still amazes me at how capable he is. He can pull up to a standing position, and he tip toes around the couch without me helping. He doesn't mind the braces for short periods of time, but he is not exactly crazy about them. He has the funniest laugh, and is chatter-boxing like crazy. My friend has a little boy with a speech problem and she understands alot more of Dalton's chatter than I do. Just the other day he said "put me down mama" I didn't catch it but she did, and when he said it again it made since..lol. He eats like a grown man. He likes mash potatoes and gravy, beans and rice, scrambled eggs with cheese, avocados, spinach, and his favorite snack is wheat crackers. I have really lucked out on the feeding aspect of having a preemie. I blog with other micro-preemie moms and feeding problems seem to be one of the major issues with former preemies (once again Dalton has to be different). We go for the MRI in the morning and I am nervous about the sedation due to his history of apnea. My aunt (who is a Pediatric RN) keeps reassuring me it will be fine. We also are having a Nuero Physiology test done so that we know what areas of his development we should devote more time to, and a Barium Swallow Study because of his refluxing. So we have a busy couple of days coming up, and once again I am reaching out for prayer. Please pray for good results for Dalton this week. God Bless!