Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting there slowly but surely!

Dalton's botox procedure went well with no complications. It was not as bad as I had pictured it and I actualy look forward to the next injection and its benefits. Dalton is the big 2 now and in to every thing :)O. He has graduated out of the infant class at school and just in the few weeks he has been with the big boys his development has changed so much. I am having to learn that I can't always protect him and that trial and error is the only way he will learn. His speech has improved and he is trying to mimic sounds and words more than before. He absolutely loves his Maggie Dog (our Yellow Lab), and goes to the door now and yells for her. I am so desperate to talk with other parents who are experienced and educated in Dalton's type of CP. It is difficult to find kido's that are effected the same way, and my urge to understand what life is going to be like for him is growing more and more. This comes with the daily reminder that this is a life-long condition and that the obstacles have just begun for him. We have seen all of the specialists, we have all of the therapy possible, we get the procedures, but the Cerebral Palsy doesn't GO AWAY! I get aggravated by so many questions about "when do they think he will walk on his own?", "Is he walking yet?" People have no idea of how uneducated and insensitive that questions seems to me right now. Are they not happy that he is alive? Is that all they notice about Dalton, is that he can't walk? Do they not realize how far he has come? I do! I remain grateful everyday regardless of the discouragements and pray for his progress..