Sunday, September 28, 2008


We are going home today. Dalton and I finally get to start our life together. God is so good! The MRI showed that everything looks good (no bleed). They think his PDA has closed because they cant hear the murmur anymore. He passed his hearing test and he is being circumcised before we leave. He is being released without any medication and with a monitor that only I felt he needed. My son is living testimony that with prayer and faith anything is possible. His primary nurses come to wish him off. This is a part of their job that must be very hard for them. There is no way I could ever repay them for the love and support that they have shown Dalton and me. I love you ladies!! This one day has made the last four months worth it. I am so proud of my lil man! Thanks for all of the prayers. God Bless everyone!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We are on the 8th floor. Thank You Jesus! He is nippling all of his feeds and taking three ounces at a time (he is such a lil piggy). He still has the occasional brady, but they are getting less and less. Now when I look at him it is hard to believe that he was so tiny in the begining. He looks like a normal, healthy baby. He seems developmentaly correct, but I am still nervous about the MRI that he is due for. He has some tightness in his muscles and I am worried about CP, but I know God will pull us through anything. Please continue to pray for my lil boy.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Moving Along

Dalton is doing great. He recovered from his surgery and he is slowly but surely going back up on his feeds. Hopefuly soon he will be off of IV fluids and we can move to the 8th floor. He still drops his heart rate (brady) from time to time, but he should grow out of that soon. He has started nippling and is doing good. He has to be paced because he tries to drink too fast, but I have learned a few tricks from a level 2 nurse and they seem to be working. It is still so hard to believe that anything so strong came from me. I know that God has been so present in our lives, and he continues to reveal his plan to me everyday. After 31/2 months I am so tired, but I thank God everday that I am still here fighting. Things could have been alot different for us, and I could have went home alot sooner without my boy. Please continue to pray. Godbless!