Saturday, August 15, 2009


Dalton is 15 months now and weighs about 30lbs. He has glasses that he is wearing to prevent a crossed eye. He is such a determined little boy and gets into everything. He does seem to have some developmental delays due to the tightness in his muscles (that has kinda been a concern from the begining). He is being fitted for braces on his legs, and I am hoping that will correct some of the problem. He is crawling and pulling up, but not trying to walk just yet. He has such a personality and has my trademark He is the light of grandma's life and my whole world. I think back on all we went through when he came into this world and I cant imagine what life would have been like without him. I can still see the little Hispanic lady's face every night when I am putting him to sleep. She was truely an angel and I am so grateful that we crossed paths that night. I have recently signed up to work with the March Of Dimes in thier walk to prevent babies from being born like Dalton . Please help me reach my goal .