Friday, December 11, 2009

Back in from Houston again..he needs a procedure!

Dalton had to go see the Cardiologist this week and what I thought would be the final visit turns into a night in ICU! So I am a little obsessive about lil man and his health...ok I will accept that. Turns out, the one thing that I thought the least about was his PDA (open vessel that should close at birth or soon after). He had an Echocardiogram done right after discharge and it showed that the PDA was very "small". I was told come back in a year and we will take another look, but it should close. Yesterday the follow up Echo. shows that it is "moderate" size and Dr. Rao feels that it is time to get it closed. So on Jan. 06 he will be admited back into Hermann in Pediatric ICU and they will close the valve for good. They will insert a catheter into the artery from the groin into his heart and place a devise to plug the flow. It is an easy procedure with little risk, but I am still devastated that he has to go through anything else. Just when you think the hospital stays and procedures are behind you, reality slaps you in the face. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and let this be the last procedure that he needs. I took the picture above, apparently you never get too big to snuggle with Grandma!